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The Smartest Homes Require The Most Popular Home Automation Products in Washington, DC

It’s easy to have a smart home when you pair automation with your residential security system. Just see what Washington, DC home automation products can do for your family:

Washington, DC smartlock adt

Smart Locks Give Extra Security

Lock or unlock your doors when you’re away. Get notified when the kids are home or give guests a one-time code. It’s all possible with ADT Control!

Washington, DC smart thermostat adt

A Smart Thermostat Keeps Your Home At The Ideal Temperature

Program your smart thermostat to automatically change when you’re away, at home, or sleeping. Or get more temperature sensors put in so that every space is comfortable. 

Washington, DC garage door controller

Never Accidentally Leave The Garage Door Open Again

Check the position of your garage door or get notified if you leave it up once you’ve left the driveway. Remotely open the garage door for shipments, and then close it so your deliveries aren’t left on your doorstep.

Washington, DC smart light bulb

Manage Your Lighting With Smart Bulbs And Light Fixtures

Create lighting schemes that match your daily activities. Easily create schedules with your device to turn the lights on and off, so it seems that you’re at home.

Washington, DC security panel

Smart Plugs Turn Appliances Into A Smart Device

Greatly increase your appliances’ energy efficiency through a smart plug. Now, you can easily turn on and off these power suckers through ADT Control.

Control Your Washington, DC Home Automation Products Through ADT Control

By connecting your home automation products to the ADT Control app, you have a reliable and easy-to-use mobile hub. Turn on your smart lights, adjust the thermostat, and shut the garage door with a couple of finger taps. Then, program notifications and schedules so your house syncs to your life. You can even set up your smart appliances to work with your security system alarms!

Google Home Or Alexa Bring Voice Control To Your Smart Home

Home automation becomes even more powerful if you combine it with Google Home or Amazon’s Alexa. Using voice settings, you can control the lights, lock the doors, and turn down the air. In fact, you’re able to manage your full security system with Alexa or Google Home!

Secure24 Alarm Systems Installs Only The Highest-Quality Home Automation Products In Washington, DC

When you use professional installation with Secure24 Alarm Systems, you know your home automation products integrate with your home security system. Just call us for a free quote at (202) 221-4066 or complete the form. We’ll help you get the smart home of your dreams!